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HealX Nutrition offers you individual, personalized nutrition information based on your genetics, lifestyle and health needs. Our therapies are evidence-based and combined with up-to-date scientific studies that will benefit your health, and the health of your family. Your body is one of a kind, so your nutrition care plan should be, too!

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How To Not Eat Ramen
How To Not Eat Ramen

How to Not Eat Ramen – The new Student’s Package I’m sure you have seen that we have created a new package, The Bowl of...

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Calories – Do they count?
Calories – Do they count?

Many, even most, diets are focused around calories. We all talk about them all the time. However, most people don’t even know...

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Antioxidants vs Toxins and Cleanses
Antioxidants vs Toxins and Cleanses

You’ve heard of these terms, right? Sure you have! They are trendy! Close your eyes, and think of those words...

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