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How To Not Eat Ramen

How to Not Eat Ramen – The new Student’s Package

I’m sure you have seen that we have created a new package, The Bowl of Cherries Package, aimed at young people starting out on their own. Whether it’s for their first year of college or university, their first year in their own apartment or off-campus housing, or just helping them to become more responsible for their own health and life, this is the package for them. I am very excited about this offering for young people, and here are some of my thoughts on it.

I’d like to first off talk about “ramen”, because that is a poor, maligned food! I don’t mean REAL ramen, the amazing Japanese noodle soup, that comes in a rich broth, real noodles, and variety of toppings.

Never had it? Go now, find a ramen restaurant, and try it! You’ll never go back to…

INSTANT RAMEN NOODLES. The square, or sometimes cup-shaped, block of dried noodles, with a packet or two of powder, which can be made simply by pouring water over it. Or even eaten raw. And can cost as little as 25 cents a packet. To be fair, I doubt anyone who is an instant-ramen eater will ever totally give it up; heck, I have every so often had one on a winter afternoon when I don’t want to do anything but eat something warm!

It’s easy to understand why students eat ramen as a mainstay. It’s pretty delicious, it feels like you’re cooking, and remember that 25 cents a package aspect? However, the all-ramen-all-the-time diet is pretty much as bad for you as anything else you could eat. Instant ramen is full of salt – be sure, when looking at the labels, to see if the numbers are for a full package, because often they are for a HALF package! Who eats half a package of ramen? There are some varieties that have as much salt as a person should eat in a day, in a single package. It is extremely processed with the worst fats there are – in order to keep the noodles safe for that long, they are fried in hydrogenised oil. The kind of processing that these foods go through really does do damage to your cells, and that will cause major health problems down the road, including an increased risk of cancers. I know, students have trouble thinking “down the road”, but I promise you it’s coming! The food may be cheap, but the consequences of eating this way have a true high cost.

Not only are the noodles not very good for you in and of themselves, there are no other nutrients in there. Seriously, a person could get scurvy! Do you know about scurvy? It’s a disease caused by a complete deficiency of vitamin C, and it’s gross. In extreme cases, your teeth will fall out, old scars will reopen, etc. Before nutrient understanding and refrigeration, sailors on long sea voyages would get scurvy because they had no fresh food for weeks at a time. There is a fascinating book about how scurvy changed the course of history in this way, and I recommend it:


The amazing thing is that scurvy can be staved off by a piece of pizza per day (as long as it has tomato sauce!), so most students should be safe. However, there are all sorts of other health problems that can come from poor nutrition – beyond the “freshmen 40”. We always need to make sure the foods we eat are helping us grow, physically, mentally, emotionally. Also, habits are hard to break, so if you let yourself start with eating poorly, it will be much more difficult to get onto a good regimen later in life. Start as you mean to go on!

Now, after rambling to Japan, and going back through history, let’s get talking about our new package. The Bowl of Cherries Package will teach young people how to feed themselves easily, cheaply, and deliciously. I can’t promise to be as cheap as ramen, however, the food will actually sustain them, help them build their brains and bodies, and keep the young machines working in prime condition. Like all HealX Nutrition packages, this will be completely individualized, for the client, based on his or her individual needs – and in this case, geared towards their own budget, kitchen facilities, cooking experience, and time, as well as their personal health needs. We call it “The Bowl of Cherries” because this is when you have your whole life, the whole bowl of cherries, to live to the fullest, and we want to help you make the most of it.

The most exciting thing about this package for me is the new group rate. Because our therapies are so personalized, we tend to stay away from groups, as then each person can’t get the counseling that he or she needs. However, because this is as much as teaching package as a therapy package, and we know that students often like to do things together, we are offering group rates! Maybe a few parents could get together and buy a group for all their kids who are headed off together. Or perhaps some young people staying in the same house could go in on a group package and plan how they will share the cooking for their new home. We promise that the quality of the information will be as carefully developed as all our packages, and we’ll make it right for you.

Come in and learn about life beyond the instant noodle!

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