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Why Choose HealX?

For Personalized, Accredited, Evidence Based Therapies.

Accredited Therapists

HealX Nutrition would like to introduce
our primary Therapist, Briar Jansons.

Briar has accredited certifications in Nutritional Therapy and in Sport Nutrition Specialization. Her passion for health and nutrition has lead her to create this business, in order to help others live the best, longest lives that they can.

The goal of Healx Nutrition is to offer real, evidence-based strategies for your individual health needs. All of our recommendations are backed by scientific studies, and are personalized for each clients’ sessions.

You can rest assured that your counsellor has the highest credentials for a nutritional therapist, and you don’t need to take our word for it!

Briar Jansons received her diplomas from the Health Sciences Academy, a UK based education facility. Unlike many Nutritional Therapy certifications, the Health Sciences Academy offers internationally recognized accreditation, from five organizations. This means that these diplomas stand the test of quality from these independent providers, and these organizations will stand behind her education.

Briar also has two university degrees, a B.A.,Hons. from the University of Hertfordshire, England, and a professional B.Ed from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Accreditation for Briar Jansons’ diplomas come from:
  • CPD Certification Service, which offers internationally recognized professional development
  • YMCA Awards, a well-known leader in health and fitness
  • The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, which provides insurance, database services, and accreditation for a wide variety of health professionals
  • WellKom International, a globally active leader wellness and lifestyle management
  • ScienceDirect, a leading information solution for researchers

Evidence Based Therapies

At HealX Nutrition, we offer nutrition information that is based on scientific study, not diet trends.

There is a lot of misinformation available to you out there, and we have cut through that to give you the real nutrition advice that will actually have effects in your body. Our therapist is happy to educate and share her knowledge of biochemical processes, nutrients, and digestion.

Is this “holistic nutrition?”

The word “holistic” means the treatment of a whole, acknowledging the connection and unity of an entire complex system, and treating it as one thing. It has also become synonymous with “natural”, or imply that there is something warmer, more personal, organic, etc. about that therapy. HealX Nutrition is certainly holistic in our approach in that we treat you as a whole, and know that your digestive system will affect your entire body, and is connected between your brain, gut, and stomach. We believe in good food, real food, and using what nature has given you to improve your health. We don’t call ourselves “Holitsic”, because some people place that opposite to “Scientific”, and we want to make sure you know that we can give you the studies to support our therapies and advice.

Personalized Programs

Understanding the individual nature of nutrition is part of what sets us apart.

It goes back to our core principals, of evidence-based therapy; there is no one catch-all that can help everyone! By choosing a therapy plan, you can have the particular pieces, accountability, support, and consultation that will give you improved health, improved performance, and an overall better life!